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Reumedy Myola Oils


As the name applies this is a 100% organic treatment for the relief of rheumatism, arthritis, back pain and sports related sprains and soreness not requiring medical treatment.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of what is new to our customers, but in fact a very good product we have been producing for over 2 decades and we call it REUMEDY and it is basically for the relief of back pains, sports injuries and general soreness through over exercising.

The history of the product goes back possibly centuries where by the aboriginals used mixtures of varying leaves of essential oils to relieve the sprains and stresses on their bodies of their everyday lives.

Myola Oils first produced REUMEDY, the product in 1996, REUMEDY being  a play on the word “Rheumatism” and has been well used by our local customers over all of these years and we still have some customers still purchasing it for over two decades.

We are producing it in three grades and describe them below, the difference being in the various quantities of essential oils to make the product safe for even children to use.