• Eucalyptus Oil

    Essential oils

    Our Eucalyptus & Tea tree oils are 100% pure organic. Good use for all purpose cleaners and can be mixed with other essential oils.

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  • Medical & Aromatherapy

    Organic treatment for the relief of rheumatism, arthritis, back pain and sports related sprains and soreness not requiring medical treatment.

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  • Pest Control & Prevention of Damp

    Long term solution for repelling ants from the house and is fully safe for use even in sensitive areas of the house.

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Australia Continent

Australian Product

Our product stands as a testament to Australia's rich agricultural heritage, sourced exclusively from local farms in Myola East, Victoria. Each ingredient is carefully selected and harvested to uphold the highest standards of quality and freshness. Our commitment to being 100% Australian means that from farm to packaging, every step is rooted in our dedication to supporting local communities and delivering an authentic taste of Australia to your table.

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Our Standards Never Waiver. 

We at Myola Oils are driven to producing the highest quality, pure and effective organic oils in the world.

1 drop of our pure organic oils is 5x as potent as the other leading imported brands. Our oils are never cut, never mixed, and never diluted. We will never sacrifice our standards or integrity.

We control the process not "them" and that's the difference.

We create our oils from seed to harvest to bottle right at our estate and distillery as we've been doing for decades. Other oils are usually imported mixed oils of unknown origins and compositions.

Other brands may say "organic" or "Pure" but are they really?

We've been growing, harvesting, testing, and refining our Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils from our farm in Myola East, Victoria, Australia since the 90's. They've always been and always we will what they say on the label. 100% pure oils. That's our promise.

We know you won't accept anything but the best and neither will we. 

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  • Myola Oils Hand sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer

    Using the already mixed tea tree and Eucalyptus oil as you receive , just put one to two drops in the palm of your hand and rub over your hands. This gives effective resistance for over 5 hours if you don’t wash your hands.

  • Myola Oils Disinfectant


    Purchase a 250ml spray bottle from the supermarket or Hardware store. Fill to about almost the neck of the bottle. Add two to 3 drops of washing up liquid. Organic better, but if none just washing up liquid. Give the bottle a good shake and add 10ml of the oil as received. Once again give a good shake up and spray  a light spray over the surfaces you need to clean. If surfaces dirty clean first and then spray on the surface and leave to dry. Can be used for floors and ALL surfaces.

  • Myola Oils Medicinal Uses

    Medicinal Use

    For coughs and colds, rub on the chest at night, with a mixture of 80% oil and 20% baby oil.

    A few drops of the oil in a bowl of hot water with a towel over the head to clear congestion and head colds.

    Inhale or rub a few drops on the base and bridge of the nose to avoid and stop ears being blocked when flying.