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Ants - Repelling

Ants - Repelling

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Product Information:

Australian Made


+ Pure Melaleuca Linariifolia (Snow In Summer).
+ Pure Eucalyptus Polybractea (Blue Mallee).
+ Aromatic essential oils.

Common Uses:

It is that time of year when households are invaded by ants of various kinds, small but can bite, larger ones and even Termites. All of the ingredients products in the two ANTS products are environmentally friendly and the majority of the product fully organically grown, so they can be used around the house without any problems to the health of the occupants including the pets.

If the householder only wants to repel the ants and not eradicate them this weaker product repels rather than eradicating the ants and is a more long term solution for repelling ants from the house and is fully safe for use even in sensitive areas of the house.

ANTSt is best applied by brushing onto timber surfaces, under the house, any exposed timbers, decking and at the junction of the lowest floor with the walls.

ANTSr is best applied to the walls in the house in cupboards, but be careful it can stain painted surfaces, but no problem on tiling and we suggest to apply with a cloth to a small area to ensure that the product does not change the colour of the surface.


Polycarbonate bottle for 500ml

Glass bottle for 100ml


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