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The plantation is situated at the far end of the Great Dividing range in the old hamlet of Myola East and is regarded as the end of the dividing range after the last significant hill, Mt Camel, which is about 8 kms away.

​we have over 200,000 Polybractea Eucalyptus trees which can be coppiced, about 80,000 are coppiced at present with the remainder ready to be cut down and sold as fire wood, diameter 100 to 350mm, 8 meters high, then to be coppiced. So at the present we have approximately 80,000 coppiced trees which on a rotation system would take about three years to coppice the lot, this yielding in the order of one to 1.5 tonnes of oil per annum, but when all of the trees are coppiced we could be achieving 4 to 5 tonnes of oil per annum.

Coppicing. For oil production the best method to obtain the most oil and have a wood chip which is greatly sought after, is to coppice the trees, about every year at present. This is a simple task cutting the trees with a forage harvester, loading the cut leaf into the distillation plant and this achieves the following About 4 distillations per day, with about 30 liters of oil produced totally per day. At present about 45,000 trees per annum coppiced with total oil production of 400 to 500 liters of oil produced.

Stock. At present we have about 1.5 tonnes of Eucalyptus oil in stock in a good condition ready for sale. The oil keeps for ever if well stored in dry conditions and the correct drums and we keep ours in 205 liter steel lined drums.

QualityWe went to great lengths to have the plantation and its products certified organic and achieved this status and kept it in place for a number of years. We have our oil checked at least once a year, if not more than once. If customers require a certificate for a certain batch of oil. The analysis indicates that our oil is possible the worlds purest oil, from the initial distillation. With the active ingredient in excess of 93%, the Pharmaceutical standard only requiring 70% (and mostly some brands only contains 71% of active ingredient). We attach our latest certificate of the oil and the chemical composition hasn’t changed since we started production in the late 90's.


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