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Oils Quality Process

We pride our oil to be the world's purest Eucalyptus oil. Unlike most oils on the market, our oils start at the source and end at the source: the Myola Oils Eucalyptus and Tree Tea Oil Estate and Plantation in Myola East, Victoria, Australia. Our products are all natural, organic, and green.

From seed to bottle, we control the whole process to guarantee that Myola Oils only provides you with finest oils and a brand you can trust and know for it's quality. For decades we've painstakingly and carefully grown, cultivated, selected, harvested, distilled and bottled our oil's all on site to give you what we believe is the the world's purest Eucalyptus oil and Tea Tree Oils.

Our oils are primary distilled, never secondary distilled. Our oils are never diluted and mixed with other oils, farms or imports like so many of the other major brands of oils on the market today.

We also believe Australian eucalyptus and species to be superior to any imports that are usually of inferior species, cut, diluted, mixed with other oils, or even misleadingly labeled "eucalyptus" when they are not. Furthermore, most foreign imports are of unknown origin, are not lab tested and verified, and are usually sourced from conglomerate companies that are not committed to the environment, people, and the quality of their products. 

Our plantation was started in the 90's as a small family owned farmed with the dream of bringing the finest oils to market. Throughout the years we seen many changes such as the rise of imports and competition from abroad. Despite the changes we made vow to never sacrifice our standards, our commit to quality, the environment, and Australian agricultural. We encourage you to make the shift to Australian brands and farms that keep are committed to supporting vital agriculture resources and jobs, the Australian economy, and environmentally sustainable farms and products. Please read more about our story and standards.

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