The different of Myola Eucalyptus oil and Tea tree oil

Our organic Tea tree oil is not from the usual NSW tree the Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is the oil from such notable plantations as the Thursday oil plantation.

Our oil is from the tree Melaleuca Linariifolia, common name of tree being Summer Snow.

Our oil has the same basic elements as the NSW oil, but with one exception and this being the high percentage of 1-8 Cineole (Eucalyptol)compound, which is really the major compound of Eucalyptus oil.

So, in effect it is like a 50-50 mix of tea tree oil and Eucalyptus oil in one oil and so slightly stronger oil than the tea tree oils from NSW.

So, it depends on what you require the oil for as the Tea Tree oil can be used for oral hygiene, cuts and bruises, relief of insect bites and general hygiene in an around the house.

Our Eucalyptus oil is from the Polybractea Eucalyptus tree commonly known as the blue-leaved mallee or simply Blue Mallee.

and is a very pure oil containing over 95% of the active ingredient of 1-8 Cineole and so very small amount of minor compounds. The oil is used for a very effective disinfectant, particularly against Covid-19 a hand sanitizer, added to the water when washing cloths, a stain removal product, removes chewing gum and sticky labels from other materials and for sterilizing abrasions after the initial incident. A good use is for steam inhalation to clear bronchial problems.

But not recommended for direct application on the skin as its very strong and can cause irritation of sensitive skins.

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