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Eucalyptus oil benefit

As well as a disinfectant & hand sanitizer in our fight against Covid-19
  1. Blocked nose or the flu, hopefully not Covid-19, but even if it is and your symptoms are mild the inhaling the steam laded eucalyptus or the tea tee oil relieves the blocked nose and loosens the phlegm and hence making it easier to breath. Be Careful, as you need to boil some tap water and then put it into a bowl and add just a few drops of the oil to the by now off the boil water, but let it stand until you can stand the heat, put a towel over your head and then inhale the vaporised oil, continue for two to three minutes, or longer if you can stand the heat.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon of the Eucalyptus oil to your washing machine when doing normal washing or if very greasy or dirty clothes soak in a bucket overnight with 2 teaspoons of oil. Clothes not only clean but they smell really good.
  3. As the oils are solvents excellent remover of say gloss oil-based paints, also for removing chewing gum from any article, but be careful as the oil melts plastics. As an experiment get some polystyrene from packaging, only a small piece put in a ceramic dish add 3 or 4 drops of the Eucalyptus oil and see it melt in a few minutes, be careful as it gives off a lot of heat, so you can see how powerful this oil is.
  4. Cleaning your floors, once again add a few drops to the water and see how good it cleans without streaking and once again that real clean smell of the Australian outback.
  5. Cuts and scrapes, best to use the Tea Tree oil and just clean the cut or scrape then just dab some oil on and leave, stings a bit, but not too bad. Repeat again for no more than two applications per day for TWO days and by then the cut should be sterilised and if not healed to continue with Savlon or other similar cream products. Of course, go to a Doctor if serious and it doesn’t heal quickly.
  6. In a similar way if you get a zit and it bursts use the Tea Tree oil and once again it disappears very quickly.
  7. It is most effective on Mosquito or sand fly bites and after being bitten just dab the oil on the effected part and repeat once or twice and it should relieve the itch and make sure the bite doesn’t get infected.
  8. Very effective and helps reduce mosquitoes, but not eliminate them, so use the eucalyptus oil in one of the aromatherapy diffusers, or in a one of the oil burners, gives a refreshing smell to any house or apartment and helps to keep some of the mozzies away.
  9. Massage oil, if you should be so lucky to get one. We suggest adding about 10% of the tea tree oil to massage oil or baby oil and give a good shake or stir it well together and then use as massage oil. It helps relieve the aches and pains and also with the smell puts you into a relaxed mood for the massage and a god sleep afterwards.
  10. Upset stomach, though it wont cure the reason for the upset, it helps with the relief of wind and the soothing effect helps reduce the stomach pain and once again the smell gives you that relaxed mood so you can get some sleep and hopefully the stomach will be better in the morning.
  11. Sore back, sore legs and any muscle aches rub the Tea Tree oil on and then keep it warm, such as if you have  a bad back, take a hot shower and when dry rub the tea tree oil into the effected are and wrap the area with a towel or tight clothing so as to keep the warmth in. A word of caution as some people can be allergic to this treatment so if itching occurs the next day refrain from using it, but it is quite rare.
  12. The tea tree oil has been proven to help arrest mild cases of Gingivitis, or infected gums but only in mild cases and trails in PNG a about 10 years ago proved that a  few drops on the toothpaste when brushing your teeth, only once a day  did help control the spread of the disease, but once again care to be taken and if not controlling the infected gums go straight to a dentist.

Please keep away from children. 10cc Ingested by a child can harm and kill them. Please seek help or go to the nearest hospital.

Please also look at the warnings on this website as we want our customer to use our oils safety.


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